Solar Raw Ultimate kale Chips

Solar Raw Ultimate Kale CHips

I just wanted to say that yesterday a family friend gave me a few bags of your kale trips to try for the first time. I have never heard or seen your brand before, but I was so impressed! Really enjoying the hemp cream & chive and pink salt, at the moment! Will definitely be going to the store to grab the peppercorn and dill. And so nice to see the quality and care that went into making these. The video on your website was so cool to watch. I’m always fascinated at how things are made! Environmentally friendly to boot. Kudos to you guys. We need more companies like you.

I look forward to snacking on these regularly and possibly more flavours in the future!? (maybe spicy buffalo? I don’t eat meat but I do get a craving sometimes ;))

Anyways I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your product. From a fellow Canadian on Vancouver Island 🙂

I am a big fan of your flavoured Kale Chips, I’m eating the Spicy Curry Lime ones as I’m typing this. I think the flavours are really great and the chips are perfectly coated.

Much more enjoyable. I dry my own kale chips as well and I know it’s not that difficult to do. Anyhow thanks for a great snack, I’m diabetic and it’s nice to have something to snack on that tastes sinfully good!

We love the kale chips, have only tried the spicy curry lime so far because they’re so great we haven’t wanted to switch.
Keep up the great work, perfect truly healthy (lower calorie) snack food with excellent flavour.  Thank you.

A friend of a friend left a package of Spicy Curry Lime at my house and I devoured them.

I am wondering where can I find a store that sells Ultimate Kale Chips in the Toronto area? If there is one, that information would be the best Christmas gift!

Kaley’s Kale Chips

Kaley's Kale Chips product

I have to say you make the tastiest Kale chops I have ever tasted.. I purchased a couple at Healthy Planet. I was wondering where I would find more selection of your chips in and around the GTA?

I recently discovered your kale chips and I LOVE them. I’ve only tried 7 of your flavours, and Dill Pickle is my favourite so far. Ranch and All Dressed are next to be tried.

I just bought a bag of salt and vinegar chips at Wal-Mart, and finished the whole bag, I am in love.

As an athlete, I have struggled to find companies that share the same nutritional values as I do and I love your that you are based out of Ontario.

It’s amazing to have products such as yours (and my favourite) Sea Salt kale chips that offers high quality, filled with vitamins, minerals and so much more all in one. Kaley’s kale chips have had a huge impact on my training and competitions. Your company is helping to drive me to develop my ultimate goal as an athlete; to become a gold medalist at the 2020 Olympics.